Getting Back On Track

February has been a real shitty month for our family. Within two weeks, we lost my grandmother and my uncle. They were two of the most loving people I’ve ever had the fortune to run into. It’s difficult to lost people who taught you how to be you. The shock of the whole month is starting to wear off and we are left with our thoughts and memories of these two beautiful souls. I will miss them more than I can say.

This was the family on my mother’s side so a road trip to West Virginia was in order for my grandma’s funeral. The problem with long driving trips is it is next to impossible to eat healthy, especially on a time crunch. There is no salad eating in the car for the most part. Continue reading “Getting Back On Track”


Sleep Well, Princess


Carrie Fisher was more than Princess Leia. She has been a great mental health advocate as well as a role model for girls. She has been eulogized all over the internet – people obviously loved this woman more than she may have knew. She was one of the funniest, most open people in Hollywood. She left us far too soon, but leaves behind a legacy of greatness.  Continue reading “Sleep Well, Princess”

Talking Through What Happened Last Night


I am having trouble putting my feelings into words today. I’m a political nerd so please don’t take this as partisan. It’s not meant to be. I more or less need to talk myself through some things. I never bought into the “Trump train”. I knew this election was going to be close but I never in my life saw Secretary Clinton losing Pennsylvania and/or Wisconsin. Michigan was closer to a toss up in my mind. That vote count is still not complete (somehow) but it looks like he will take that state as well. Those 3 states would have given her the White House.

The Trump campaign did a great job selling their vision to disenfranchised union families in the rust belt. The Clinton campaign I believe overestimated their firewall in these states. It happens.

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A Little Comedy to Get Us Through This Election

This has been the most contentious election in most of our lives. Social media in particular has gotten very heated. But we have reached the finish line. Tonight, we will have a new President one way or another.

I have tried to bring a little humor and pull down the anger level over the past few months. Over the last 100 days of the race, I used the great Mitch Hedberg to calm us all down a little bit. I posted a new Hedberg joke on facebook every day. It started off as a goofy way to pass the time in a painful election season, but over time it became a necessary and therapeutic exercise for me. I hope it helped my friends get through too!

On this election day, I’d like to share all 166 jokes in no particular order that have gotten me through this election as well as one of his specials. If you are ever down (especially tonight), let Mitch Hedberg take some weight off your shoulders. The man was a comedic genius that is gone way to soon.


Whatever happens tonight, I will continue to fight to continue being an optimist even in the hardest times. With that, take us away Mitch! (I’m not sure if this YouTube video will share with the settings correct or not, but it’s slowed down for some reason. Change the setting to Speed: 1.25 if it is still slowed down.)

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A Day I Never Thought Would Happen

So first off, I remain terrible at updating this blog. Here’s how it goes – “I’m going to make 2 blog posts a month at minimum! No questions!!!”. Next blog post is 3 months later. I’m going to get better people, slowly but surely!

Let’s say there was a good reason for my not updating.

I grew up mostly in rented houses and apartments. We grew up without much. I quite honestly never even considered the possibility of owning a home. Even thinking about it now is pretty unreal. Since I graduated high school 15 years ago, I have moved 15 times. Some of that had to do with school and roommates moving, getting married, changing jobs, or (twice too many times) hurricanes.

But today all of that stops, as my wife and I became homeowners! We could not have accomplished this without the help of our parents and an unbelievable real estate agent, Cheryl Stewart.


The process of buying a home is the most stressful thing I have ever undertaken. We had very few hiccups and it was still scary as hell. But it’s done! I cannot wait to get into this house this weekend and begin the process of making it our own. Get ready Westside of H-Town, the Sorensen’s are coming for ya!

A Reunion Show 10 Years in the Making

Old Punks

I stumbled across Tsunami Bomb my Freshman year of college. The new millennium was upon us, Y2K didn’t actually end the world, 9/11 had just happened, and there was a new President who seemed to be in over his head. The world was ripe for a 19 year old kid to fall in love with an admittedly small but growing punk scene. Here were kids that understood all the bullshit that I had grown up with. These kids had an underlying fire and anger that led them to action. These kids knew the best way to release this aggression was in a circle pit. These kids understood that even if you got punched in the mouth at a show, you always pick someone up that falls in the pit. These were my people.

I loved the sound of Tsunami Bomb. It was unlike anything I had heard before between the fast pace and furious female lead and an occasional seemingly pirate punk sound (See: “El Diablo” from the show in Houston last night). This was a punk band that had a keyboardist who would play organ during the songs. Just amazing.

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May Is Mental Health Awareness Month

Empire State
The Empire State Building lit green for Mental Health Awareness

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. It’s incredibly important for us to speak up about the issues surrounding mental health. Over the course of any given year, 1 in 5 American adults will be living with a mental heath condition. Nearly 100% of us will interact with someone, be it a family member or friend or random person in line at Starbucks, that is dealing with some mental health issue. Continue reading “May Is Mental Health Awareness Month”

March Music Madness – Our Champion

What an incredibly exciting four weeks. I have had a blast keeping up with this bracket and learned quite a bit about yall’s musical tastes. What started as a fun dinner time discussion with Mrs. Clumsy Optimist turned into a great fun spirited undertaking. I won’t waste anymore of your time, let’s get down to our Champ.

Starting in the Sweet 16, no act had won by more than 3 votes. Even the Final Four was much closer than I anticipated. How did our Championship round fare? Remember all “scores” are in percentage. Continue reading “March Music Madness – Our Champion”

March Music Madness – Championship Round

Here we are. Over the past four weeks we have whittled the best 68 musical acts I could think of down to the final two. I was quite pleased with the Final Four. All four teams had to fight to the end with no one winning my more than 3 votes. No act has won by more than 3 votes since the Sweet 16 – these three rounds have been incredibly exciting! Let’s see how the winners of each genre bracket fared in the Final Four and who will face off in the Championship! Continue reading “March Music Madness – Championship Round”